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Confidentiality and security policy

Personal information

Personal information is used for administrative and billing purposes. This information could be used in case of a dispute or when behaviour constitutes a breach of the Terms of Use. This data may be stored on any electronic support or hard copy for an undetermined period of time.

Online payment

TicketAcces.net offers secure online shopping. Your personal and credit card information is sent via encrypted email, guaranteeing confidentiality. Consequently, the message cannot be intercepted, modified or decoded by a third party.

TicketAcces.net meets the SSL secure transmission standards, which ensures that your transaction will always be securely transmitted.

TicketAcces.net does not retain any electronic data concerning credit information pertaining to any transaction. This explains why you must resubmit your credit information with each new transaction.

Email addresses

Email addresses gathered on ©TicketAcces.net are used to contact members as needed, to send purchase confirmations and e-tickets. TicketAcces.net organizations may consult and use these email addresses for advertising campaigns.

IP addresses

IP addresses are collected and used for security purposes. In case of abuse, they allow us to trace any individual who voluntarily caused problems to the server or on ©TicketAcces.net.


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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer : Francis Wurtz at 1 877 262-2237 ext.103